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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Nate in Rock Springs, WY living the cowboy dream

 Nate enjoys going with his friends to help round up cattle just outside of Rock Springs, WY.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Almost Yellowstone...

Nate, the kids, and I went up to Idaho to visit my dad for his birthday and just get some Garling time in this month since we won't be coming up for Thanksgiving. What we didn't realize was that everyone had plans on Saturday when we went up to visit them, so we had to come up with Plan B. I suggested Yellowstone and after checking the weather and opening some web pages about how to have fun in Yellowstone with kids we took off.
With excitement we pulled into the City of West Yellowstone, and Nate commented it seemed really quiet on the streets, and as we drove up to the gates we figured out why: Yellowstone was CLOSED!, yeah, sorry kids...
Plan C:
So Nate pulled up to the the Grizzley Bear Wolf Discovery World which had signs that said "open all year" to get some information and have a potty break, and ended up staying the rest of the afternoon. For about the same cost of entering the state park we got up close and personal to some MASSIVE bears and chilling wild wolves. I would definately recommend the place to anyone who drives 2 hours to a famous state park with 3 kids and needs to come up with a backup plan. :o)

Did I mention we experienced a little bit of heaven on the drive up?

Nate and Snack J inside a Bear Trap!

 Snack J inside a fancy Bear Trap

The weather was below freezing so this warming hut was a lifesaver.

Nate got an arm workout as Little C did not want to be put down,,,for 3 hours.

 These wild wolves posed for this picture for me.

Well, Little C did go down on the ground for just a minute :o) We loved these floor to ceiling windows in the wolf center

The wolves were as interested in us as we were of them,,,perhaps more..wahahaha!

Don't I look delicious? This wolf thinks so.

We signed the kids up for Keeper Kids where they got to get some one on one with the Naturalist Trent.  He was a little impressed when Sister Sue asked if bears were omnivores and Snack J pointed out the bears molars in this skull. (My kids learn stuff like that from PBS)
 After the bears exited and unlocking 3 padlocks, they each got a bucket of apples, carrots, and bear chow to hide under logs and big rocks for the bears to find.

Little C still not ready to be put down...

The bears find the kids food under these logs, you should see them throw them out of the way!

The wolf center was so cool, the windows allowed you to get up and personal with these wild animals.

We lucked out cause the wolves all went into their den for some dinner so the keepers could set out some enrichment activities for them, aka bones and sauce for them to sniff out. This is the alpha female of the pack and she found a bone that she protected fiercely.

This was the alpha male of the pack of 5.

The kids found a wolf den and learned how pups lick their mother's face to ask it to regurgitate some mushy elk pie...yeah, Snack J has been saying that all day long today :o)

There was a great museum that had stuffed bears of all kinds, it was really impressive.

 I thought these little bear cubs climbing this tree were too cute.

On the way home we drove out to Henry's Lake, a Davis vacation destination for generations. It started to snow on the way back to Grandma Garling's so we spent the night and headed home in the morning. Thanks for the cinnamon rolls Mom!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We made it out alive!

I know you were worried, so I just wanted to let you know we're okay...:D
Wanna hear the story now?
corn Pictures, Images and Photos

Welllll, I took Snack J and Little C to a preschool fieldtrip to the corn maze on 1900 W. in West Haven called Pumpinaze. Snack J was all pumped about it because he just watched the Curious George Corn Maze episode. I
t started out pretty fun, I was confident that I could get us right to the exit because Nate and I went there last year and it was a breeze. Well, I guess Nate had a big part in the breeze thing, cause suddenly when he was out of the equation I couldn't figure it out. 
Little C was just at the wrong height where the corn leaves hit him in the face when he walked so he refused, and I carried him the whole time.  It got old real quick.
I think we were in that maze for only 45 minutes, but it honestly felt longer, and I was starting to imagine worse case senarios: both boys crying, refusing to walk another step and no one is left to come rescue us...
Well, it came reaaaaly close to that, my arms were burning from holding 30 lb Not-So-Little C, and Snack J saying over and over "I miss my dad and sister!"
Suddenly out of nowhere I turned a corner and there was the entrance I came in, Snack J and I ran to it with such excitement! The leaders of the fieldtrip were still there just about to leave,(they promised they wouldn't have left us) but we talked and decided next year that we'll exchange phone numbers before we go in the maze and we'll give each child a balloon with a long string they can hold up if we need help. 
We did enjoy the corn pool treat dig, and the huge 2 story hay slide, but I really don't recommend Corn Mazes to mothers with no sense of direction, I probably bit off a little more that I could chew.  But sometimes it's those experiences that build character...Right?!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Campin in the Uintah...

Over Labor Day weekend I'd been getting my strength back slowly over the past 2 weeks and got a pretty clean bill of health from the Neurologist who just said give it some more time and expect to get better, which is great news after the scares from the other doctor. So I asked Nate if he'd take our family camping Friday/Saturday, which he so graciously did, a service of love, because I wouldn't be much help. 
 He took us up to the Uintahs and we camped near Cedar Hollow. It was beautiful and it was very relaxing and healing mentally to be up in the quaky aspens and pines.
 Our first camping trip as a family with our truck/camper and horse trailer, it traveled well!
 My favorite place to see horses: up in the aspens.
 Baby C always ready to help
 Usually Nate cooks when we camp, but I was excited to use the new kitchen!
 Gotta love breakfast when camping.
 Nate put together a teepee for the kids...What a dad!
 The kids loved pretending to be Indians
Headin'  back from the watering hole...
 Baby C always up for a ride.
 Sister Sue loved riding around the camp by herself.
 Snack J found some leaves which we made into a Indian headress.
 Baby C wishes he was big enough to actually ride this bike, he sat on it forever.
The horses performed well for us, thanks!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

God Had A Miracle For Me!

Well, I've been composing this blog post in my head for the past 2 weeks at all different stages, and I'm finally sitting down to share my story.

15 days ago at 4:30 in the morning I woke up with chills and aches and asked Nate to cuddle me,,,,it was soooo cold, I made him breakfast at 5:30 am and as we ate omelets I mused that I felt like a cold was coming on, everything hurt...

And that's how it started.

Nate came home that day to me curled up on the couch moaning that every muscle, bone, joint, and sinew, and all my skin, and hair follicles, and fingernails HURT to an exponential 100th degree of pain. This is definately NOT a cold. This had GOT to be the flu.

I rotated between the couch, my bed, and the porch swing for then next 3 days as my body rotated between chills, diaphoresis (excessive sweating), and what I guess you'd call body shakes. I had a massive head ache which I thought was a migraine, which felt like my brain was swelling to big for my skull. I had sharp stabbing pains behind each ear which were so intense I had to yell out, or scream, in pain. It progressed to where those stabbing pains happened each time I moved my head, or changed elevation like standing up.

The kids didn't know what to think about my hollering out in pain at random times. "What Mom?, what did I do? Why are you yelling at me? I didn't do anything!"

Although Nate offered to come home Monday and each day offered to stay home that week, I sent him to work. "We'll muddle through, just don't expect the dishes to get done today." That week was spent in what I call Survival Mode, only essential tasks were completed and the kids watched movies and played in the dirt as much as they wanted, endless hours of entertainment.

On Tuesday, my mom decided to come bring my 14 year old sister and some friends down to Lagoon. (They live in Idaho Falls). She called and left a message saying, "short notice but I'm on my way down your direction, hope to see you!" I almost cried as I listened to her voice, just an hour before I had be bemoaning that I wished my mom lived closer so she could come take care of me. I had not talked with her yet so she had no idea what state I was in. I considered this one of the first tender mercies of the Lord, who heard my complaints, and got my mom in my home when I needed her the most.

Looking back, many family and friends wanted to know why I didn't call them for help, but as I mentioned above, I thought I had the flu and didn't want to spread this around.

I got a hold of my mom and she came and took Snack J and Sister Sue to the movies, while Baby C and I took a much needed nap. Then when she got back she made supper for the family, did the dishes, swept the floor, picked up the front room, and rotated some laundry for me. She left that evening and I felt so loved, both by my mother and by a Father in Heaven who cared enough to get my mom down from Idaho to help me.

I started to have some symptoms that looking back should've been a red flag that this was not just the flu. Like my hands would go white and numb and sometimes feel like pins and needles (paresthesia), and my feet would too.and my muscles felt really weak, and then my neck went stiff, and my muscles down from my neck to my scapula went stiff.

Wednesday evening I had sent Nate and Sister Sue to go shopping for the camping trip and Snack J's birthday while we  watched a movie, but when it came time to get them to bed my neck and head were so crazy in pain that I could only just let them lay in bed with me....then Baby C got a stinky diaper and the tears rolled down my face as I realized I couldn't move to go change him. Right about then at 9:45, Nate came home. I told him I couldn't move to change Baby C's diaper and he replied, "Do you want a blessing?" I immediately said yes, as the thought to ask him was in my mind, but I know that the Spirit prompted him to ask me. Nate does not offer to administer a blessing for the sick unless prompted by the Spirit of God. It is not something taken lightly. I reflected upon that as he called his brother Monty to come participate in the blessing, and the Spirit of God spoke to my heart clearly saying, "I have a miracle for you, are you ready to receive it?". I said yes, of course, but it's just the flu, right? and I was gently reminded that the Lord knows all, including what is plaguing me. He knows that I need help more that modern medicine can provide at this time, and this is the time that I need to receive it. Who am I to question the Lord's knowledge and timing? It really wasn't until this time that I even conceived the thought that I might have something other than the flu.

Monty came and the kids piled on the couch at 10:15 pm. The blessing was performed and the Spirit of God rested upon that messy front room like a thick warm blanket. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I felt God's awareness and love for me. I went to shake Monty's hand, who declined, not wanted to expose himself any more than necessary to whatever was making me sick, so I went to go hug Nate but the movement of the hug threw my neck and head into nasty spasmodic pains and I had to laugh for crying.

The next morning, as I lay in bed I recognized that the pressure was gone, my head no longer hurt. I just lay there appreciating the lack of pain in my body. My back muscles that were so sore resolved before lunch time, and I was able to help Snack J have a good birthday. I had been given a miracle. I had been given a miracle! Nate came home from work and said that he spoke with a doctor there who said that my symptoms sounded like encephelitis and that it may be from West Nile Virus. My head started spinning as I realized how the implications for not getting that head pressure resolved could have lead even to death. I just thought it was the flu. But God knows best.

There's more to this story, but I'm going to have to save it for another day, my body is spent, it's time to rest. Just know that God is aware of all of us, and loves us each dearly, and of course knows what's best for us.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Half Marathon Memories

I don't have my pictures right handy, I  will add them later, I just had to get out my experience before it fades into my not so good memory. 
The half marathon I have trained for the last 3 months finally arrived on Memorial Day and it was a perfect day. No rain, wind, it wasn't freezing or too hot.  Honestly couldn't have asked for better weather which was very rewarding after training 3 months in one of the wettest, coolest springs in a while, we ran many a run in snow, sleet, wind, rain, cold and only a couple in heat. 
When I say we, I mean my running girls.  Danielle and Linnell.   Both of these girls came to my exercise group in the winter when I started contemplating the training and they both decided to join me.  Neither had done it before but I convinced them it was doable.  We didn't always run everytime together, just as our schedules would allow, but I usually ran with one or the other every week. 
Having someone depending on you was a great motivating factor to getting all the runs in.  I noticed I ran better with someone with me, and didn't talk myself out of finishing the run when they were with me during training.  It was also great to get some consistent women time in, which is a very important factor in my well-being. 
One last thing I must tell you is how supportive Nate was for this training, he would get off work early, put off going out to the farm, take the kids with him out to the farm, and even stay at the house until 9 am ON A SATURDAY.(A very big deal) while I did my long runs.  I really appreciated it. 

So back to the race:
We all drove together to the race and got there at 6:15 ish, and the race started at 6:45 am. Not nearly enough time to get all the way ready, I didn't even get to warm up, but that wasn't as big a deal as it would've for a short fast run. My nerves were pretty well in check, everything felt ok.  I had trained with shin splints, but I wrapped them so much there was no chance for them to hurt.  I was just happy to be there. 

I was tying my shoes when the race started, my running partners were like:get up Charity the race has started!  So off we went and even though it felt like we were hardly moving I had a Garmin watch that tells you your pace and miles and fancy stuff, and we pretty much stayed under 10 min miles for the first 4 miles and then the low 10's for the next 3.  It was the fastest we had run ever and I was starting to get some hip pain, by mile 7 it had progressed to shooting pains down my leg from my hip socket.  I knew I needed to slow the pace down, not for my endurance or fatigue  but just for the pain in the hip.  My girls didn't want to leave me but I wanted them for sure to have the best race they could for themselves and sent them ahead. 

It was difficult to keep myself at a good pace and not hurt my hip, but the watch helped.  I kept singing zipidee doo dah in my head, and my old trusty classical piano recital piece that has stuck with me and I've used for many races.  I never hit the wall so to speak and felt good the whole time, the last couple miles got boring so I ran interval speeds to break it up, and it helped.  I did get to see Nate's parents who waved from their suburban on mile 12 and that picked things up for me.  Danielle called at mile 12.5 to see where I was and that helped too.

 I finished not quite as strong as I wished, but I couldn't get my legs to go along with my heart. It was great to see my husband and kids and Susan and Eldon and my running partners and their families.  It was so rewarding to finish a goal and strengthen friendships and feel so healthy.  I had lost 23 lbs in the process of training and changing my diet and it felt great.

I wanted to run this race to jumpstart a new lifestyle and it worked.  I have many other goals now that I wouldn't have imagined setting before this, it really is amazing how working hard to achieve a goal can help change your paradigm.

If you'd like to read this experience from my running partner Linnell's perspective, (who's humor and insight is quite refreshing) check out her entry on her blog: